Adult SnooZzoo

Enter and Zip sleeping bag while laying down – do not enter and zip while standing!

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  • man lounging in black bear sleeping bag by snoozzooview of adult in stuffed black bear sleep sack from behind

    Adult Black Bear

    $189.95 $159.95
  • woman demonstrating teddy bear sleeping bagsnoozzoo stuffed teddy bear sleep sack

    Adult Brown Bear

    $189.95 $154.95
  • adult sleeping in panda sleeping bagview from behind of adult wearing panda sleeping bag

    Adult Panda Bear

    $189.95 $154.95
  • woman in stuffed white bear sleep sackplush polar bear sleeping bag from behind

    Adult Polar Bear

    $189.95 $154.95
  • woman laying down in snoozoo plush tiger sleep sackwoman lounging in snoozoo plush tiger sleeping bag

    Adult Tiger

    $189.95 $149.95
  • man laying down in wolf sleeping bagman sitting down in plush wolf sleep sack

    Sold out

    Adult Wolf

    $189.95 $169.95
  • adult in spongebob squarepants sleeping bag by snoozooadult in spongebob squarepants sleeping bag by snoozoo

    Large SpongeBob SquarePants

    $189.95 $149.95

  • Disclaimer: SnooZzoo animals are designed as sleeping bags and not costumes. These sleeping bags are intended for indoor use and not outdoor use. Running and/or walking in SnooZzoo sleeping bags is not recommended as it could lead to overheating as well as slipping, tripping, or falling which could cause injury.