About SnooZzoo

SnooZzoo, the first all-in-one children’s sleepover bag that includes a sleeping bag, built-in pillow, backpack and travel case, all in the shape of your child’s favorite animal from the zoo. In the form of six different animal friends – brown bear, panda, hippo, lion, polar bear and monkey – children completely immerse themselves inside the large, stuffed animals for a cuddly, cozy snooze. Children love placing their arms and legs inside the limbs of the large SnooZzoo animals and snuggling inside the soft interior. When it’s time to rest, kids climb in their plush SnooZzoo, open the velcro paws and use the soft animal head as a pillow.

Packing is easy with SnooZzoo as all of their sleepover needs are stored in a special “food source” travel pouch inside the animal’s tummy. Each food source pouch is unique to the child’s favorite animal including bamboo for a panda, banana for a monkey, fish for a brown bear and polar bear, lily pad for a hippo and meat for a lion. The travel pouch stores all of their slumber party needs while teaching a valuable lesson about the animal’s habitat and offering opportunities for parents to teach kids about environmental conservation. When they are ready to pack up, simply button the SnooZzoo animal’s paws together and children can wear the animal as a backpack – giving their SnooZzoo the ultimate piggyback ride!

When your child isn’t using their SnoozZoo, it lives in their room, sitting upright and offering a soft place to snuggle, read books, or take a snooze.

Available for children up to 54 inches tall, each SnooZzoo comes with an educational story card containing information specific to each animal, as well as a personalized name tag so children can name their furry friend. Both SnooZzoo sizes also include the food source travel pouch appropriate to the animal friend they choose.

Disclaimer: SnooZzoo animals are designed as sleeping bags and not costumes. These sleeping bags are intended for indoor use and not outdoor use. Running and/or walking in SnooZzoo sleeping bags is not recommended as it could lead to overheating as well as slipping, tripping, or falling which could cause injury to children. SnooZzoo sleeping bags are designed for children in the 5-10 year old range and are not intended for infants and children under 4 years of age.

The All New SnooZzoo Sleeping Bags

The all new SnooZzoo has arrived in both children and adult size. With input from customers all over the world, the new SnooZzoo sleeping bags are now better than ever. With a new cotton lining, the new SnooZzoo sleeping bags are now machine washable. To wash, machine wash cold. Tumble dry low for about 15 minutes. Hang to dry. Zippers are now utilized on the children SnooZzoo sleeping bags replacing the Velcro tabs on the original models. With the zipper tabs placed on the inside of the animal paws, using your hands to get in and out of the SnooZzoo is now easier than ever. Although the Hippo, Monkey, and Lion are no longer available, they have been replaced with the highly requested Tiger and Wolf. The children’s SnooZzoo now comes in one size for children up to 54 inches tall. Due to customer demand, the adult size SnooZzoo now accommodates a person up to 75 inches tall. So, with an all new SnooZzoo Panda, Brown Bear, Black Bear, Tiger, or Wolf available for cuddling up with friends, catch your ZZZ’s in animals like these!!!