Frequently Asked Questions

1Shipping Information
Orders usually will be shipped within 48 hours of receipt, unless specifically otherwise stated. Orders placed within the Continental U.S are typically delivered within 3-5 days. International orders typically take 7-10 days for delivery.
2How does a SnooZzoo work?
When not in use, a SnooZzoo appears as a stuffed animal sitting on the bed or the floor. The travel kit in the children’s SnooZzoo’s tummy helps the SnooZzoo sit in the upright position. To use the SnooZzoo, simply undo the front flap and lie the animal down on its back. Then, sit down in the tummy and places both legs all the way inside the legs of the SnooZzoo. Place both arms inside of the arms of the Snoozzoo animal’s arms, and then put your head inside of the animal’s head. You are good to go. To use the SnooZzoo as a backpack, simply connect the buttons on the hands with the loops on the feet. Place your arms through the created openings and then place the SnooZzoo’s head on your head.
3What is the targeted age range for the product?
SnooZzoo sleeping bags are BIG and are based more on height than age. The children’s Snoozzoo will accommodate a child up to 54 inches tall. The adult SnooZzoo will accommodate a person up to 75 inches tall.
4What material is the SnooZzoo made out of?
SnooZzoo is made from soft, safe, and durable polyester materials.
5How do you clean a SnooZzoo?
The new SnooZzoo sleeping bags are machine washable. To wash, machine wash cold. Tumble dry low for about 15 minutes. Hang to dry. The original SnooZzoo sleeping bags can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.
6Is any part of the SnooZzoo flammable?
All of our products meet USA safety standards. The USA safety testing include: ASTM PART1-Physical & Mechanical Test
ASTM PART1-Physical & Mechanical Test
ASTM PART2-Flammability Test
ASTM PART3-Heavy Metal Test (9 toxic elements results)
CPSIA Lead Content in Paint
CPSIA Lead Content in Substance
CPSIA Phthalate Content
7Can you take a SnooZzoo outside or in the woods on a camping trip?
No. SnooZzoo is designed for interior use only, and is not intended for use against cold temperatures.
8What is your return policy?
SnooZzoo takes pride in its products and stands behind their quality. Upon receipt, please inspect your purchase and notify us of any damage or defects or incorrect orders. Purchases may be returned for up to 30 days after receiving your SnooZzoo. We will arrange a prompt replacement. Customer is responsible for shipping products back to SnooZzoo. Shipping fees are refunded only if returns are for defective products, damage in shipping or incorrect orders. We accept no responsibility for user-caused damage and/or rips or tears incurred during operation or use of the product. If after replacement, and within 14 days of receipt of replacement, you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your purchase price, subject to our shipping return policy above.