Fun for The Whole Family


The Only Sleeping Bag
that’s a Stuffed Animal, too!

Welcome to the world of SnooZzoo, the only sleeping bag on the market that appears as a huge stuffed animal when not in use. With SnooZzoo, you are completely immersed inside the large, zoo-like stuffed animals for a cuddly, cozy snooze.

You will love placing your arms and legs inside the limbs of the large SnooZzoo animals and snuggling inside the soft plush interior.

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Cuddle, Snuggle, Dream…

If you wanna huddle with your friends – SnooZzoo
If you wanna cuddle without end – SnooZzoo
With a case for you to pack and meant to carry on your back – all you need to say is – SnooZzoo!


So your child is going through the animal phase. Trips to the zoo, plush animal toys, and wildlife books just aren’t enough. They want to be an animal. Meanwhile, they’re reaching that age when slumber party invitations are flying in and there isn’t enough room to pack everything they need in one bag. From sleeping bags, pillows, pajamas, toothbrush and treats – how can parents keep it all together?

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