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Original SnooZzoo Polar Bear

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Original SnooZzoo Polar Bear


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SnooZzoo Polar Bear is a mammal that likes to live in the Arctic. A mammal breathes air, grows hair and is warm blooded. SnooZzoo Polar Bear likes to eat fish, so you will find a fish in its tummy. You can keep SnooZzoo Polar Bear happy when not in use by keeping the fish in its tummy. The fish can also help you stay with your friends by keeping your overnight items inside. SnooZzoo Polar Bear is a sleeping bag, so snuggle inside to sleep or watch television.

Each SnooZzoo is available in two sizes:  Small (fits children 36″-54″) – $109.95 and Large (fits children 48″-60″) – $129.95

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SnooZzoo is a children’s sleeping bag made from soft, safe, and durable polyester materials.   When not in use, a SnooZzoo appears as a stuffed animal sitting on the bed or the floor.  SnooZzoo can be worn as a backpack for easy transport.  Visit our FAQ page to learn more!

Disclaimer: SnooZzoo animals are designed as sleeping bags and not costumes. These sleeping bags are intended for indoor use and not outdoor use. Running and/or walking in SnooZzoo sleeping bags is not recommended as it could lead to overheating as well as slipping, tripping, or falling which could cause injury to children. SnooZzoo sleeping bags are designed for children in the 5-10 year old range and are not intended for infants and children under 4 years of age.

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Weight140 oz
Dimensions16.5 x 16.5 x 16.5 in

Small, Large


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