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SnooZzoo is available in Adult Size!

Why let the kids have all the fun? The sleeping bag craze that is sweeping the country for kids is now available in an adult size. Introducing the Adult SnooZzoo sleeping bag! Now adults can enjoy all the fun and comfort kids are experiencing with the all new Adult SnooZzoo sleeping bags. Measuring 78 inches tall, the Adult SnooZzoo sleeping bag can accommodate a person up to 75 inches. Available in 5 fun and furry animals, adults everywhere can now share sleep and nap time with their children’s SnooZzoo counterparts. With zippers to keep you warm and comfy, the Adult SnooZzoo sleeping bag will become a night time favorite. Choose from a Panda Bear, Brown Bear, Black Bear, Tiger, and Wolf. So, when you are ready to hunker down and take a nap, or play board games with friends or watch a football game, the Adult SnooZzoo is perfect for you. Now, join the children’s craze and catch some ZZZs in animals like these!